Dublin, CA —

“I get out on the 27th, but the date on the carton said the 27th. Ugh, it’s all I can think about,” Huffman told Warden Zicklin. “I don’t know why I asked Housekeeper Consuela to buy a carton so close to my incarceration. And it’s organic, so it doesn’t have any of those nasty additives to preserve it. It’ll probably be alright. But I don’t know how much more risk I can handle at this point in my life. At least I know the almond and hemp milk is still good, because I hadn’t even opened it yet.”

“Oh well, if it *has* gone bad, I’ll just let Housekeeper take it home to her kids. I do like to give back once in a while,” said the remorseful Huffman as she watched fellow inmates pick up trash from the yard.

One thought on “Felicity Huffman Fears Milk Will Be Nearly Expired By Time She Released From Jail

  1. OMG, I LOVE HER! Such a good compassionate soul that suffers with the marginalized.