Abbotsford, BC —

“What if I told you that this poster is the bomb dot com?” youth pastor Dave Englund says to himself, hanging a poster in his church’s youth indoor rec room/folding chair storage room. Upon the wall hangs God’s divine word about eternal life translated into the Matrix Morpheus meme with Impact font. With hands on his hips, Englund admires his work with an achieving grin. “If you want to get the kids’ attention, you got to be culturally relevant AF. At church, that stands for ‘as fudgsicles’ lol. Normally we use ‘lol’ for ‘Love Our Lord’, but I’m actually laughing right now.” He lets out a satisfied sigh, “You know, making memes is easier than you think. You just go on to imgflip’s free generator, and ALL the latest, greatest memes are there: Doge, Bad Luck Brian, Success Kid… I just used him in a youth group message chat.”

As the youth pastor walks along the wall of the carpeted indoor basketball court, he unrolls his next motivational, watermarked poster. “Just like Martin Luther and his 95 theses, nailed it!” He tacks his printed meme to the wall.

“I can’t believe it was just last week that I was at a total loss as to how I can get these kids to put down their Pogs, Tamagotchi Pets, or whatever is currently trending. I prayed to God and asked him, ‘How I do impart your supreme revelations into something on fleek?’ That’s when I came up with this bad boy.”

After completing his task of adorning the room, Englund stood back and revelled in the glory of the Lord’s transcendent message manifested into a multitude of memes.

By Andrew Froese and CarolAnn Liebelt

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