By Justin Trudeau

Wow, what a whirlwind day yesterday! I was very relieved that my party won the most seats despite losing the popular vote. Thank God I didn’t deliver on the electoral reform promise I made a cornerstone of my previous campaign! The Conservatives had the most votes, which would’ve meant Conservatives having the most Members of Parliament. As a Liberal, I don’t stand for that kind of fair, proportional representation. Not back when I said I did, not now.

Canadians from coast to coast to coast made it very clear back in 2015 that they believed in my empty promises, one of which was, of course, electoral reform. Yesterday, Canadians said they still want lack of accountability, and, once again, I will supply. I want to thank every Canadian who voted for me in this First Past The Post system, which I pledged to get rid of.

2 thoughts on “Thank God I Didn’t Deliver On My Electoral Reform Promise!

  1. Mr. Froese, I wonder if you would have written the same condesce ding and sarcastic article if Mr Trudeau was white instead of being an African-Canadian of Cuban heritage.

    1. This is satirical, Jorge. Heritage has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of electoral reform.