Sonoma County, CA —

The Kincade Fire took a few moments from leveling Sonoma to reflect on how it has been influenced by California’s uninhibited, down-to-(bare)-earth attitude.

“I knew I would love California, but the amazing weather really fanned the flames. It’s, like, so cool out here! But also a really hot scene. Like, everybody’s smoking their own thing — weed, hash, Geyserville. You can scorch entire towns into cinders, nobody is going to tell you ‘no.’ The people out here are great. Even if you roll into town unexpected at, like, 3 AM, they’re like, ‘Hey, mi casa es su casa.’ It sure is! Wow, so much to spread out and explore: canyons, highways, trees, trees, trees, and more trees. Let me tell you, if you’re looking to get truly lit, California is the place.”

By Joe Lichtblau