Alexander Valley, CA —

Amidst the raging wildfires that have broken out throughout California, many residents have admitted regret in failing to rake local forests. “We laughed back when our President said we should,” resident Aaron Sieg mournfully told reporters, alluding to a comment by President Trump almost a year ago when he had suggested that forests should be raked to prevent future wildfire catastrophes. “We all laughed at the time, but seeing the damage of this year’s wildfires and our failure to take action and rake our forests, it’s truly karma kicking us in the rear,” Sieg wailed as he had been forced to move out from his home as a refugee. With the failure of an entire state to do such a simple task like raking the forests, it will be interesting to see if the President will act to help the residents of California after they disregarded his advice.

By Zach Englund