Princeton, NJ —

Zombie-staring, spittle-dripping Rudy Giulianis will be this year’s big Halloween costume, but even if you think you’ve nailed your Rudy outfit, experts warn that perfecting the nuances of his schizo stare and demented dribble won’t be enough.

“Sure, achieving that guy-being-electrocuted look is a must in creating your Giuliani ensemble, but today’s Halloweeners also expect some dialogue,” explains Dr. Larry Schwimmer, Professor Emeritus of Mayoral Costuming at Princeton University.

“In addition to resembling a crazed dingo, you’ll need to sound thoroughly inane. Try memorizing a list of completely disconnected words — ferret, linguine, Ukraine, prostate, criminal, schadenfreude, Yonkers, ungulate — then spit them out all night in random order.”

And don’t forget, if you’re planning to use your Rudy getup more than once, leave some room in the chest area where you can glue on prison bars for Halloween 2020.

By Joe Lichtblau, Image Edit By Andrew Froese