Dover, DE –

Tired of not being able to get to a sink fast enough, compulsive hand-washer Diane Phillips has come up with the perfect solution to quell her germaphobia. Akin to those who take comfort in owning therapy animals, Phillips has acquired a “therapy sink” that she keeps with her at all times.

“I feel so much calmer now,” said the bookkeeper and sink enthusiast. “Dozens of times a day I’m overcome with the intense urge to scrub up from fingertips to elbows, like a surgeon,” she jokes. “Before Sinkity-Sink, as I affectionately call it, I would often have to waste precious seconds or even minutes finding the nearest sink. Now I just turn to my right or left and there it is, ready to sanitize me.”

Phillips admits the sink is sometimes a bit of an inconvenience. “It can be cumbersome, heavy, in the way, embarrassing, impractical, annoying, wet, and awkward. I also have to carry around a gallon of soap. People stare and stare. Except when they need to wash up and I’m the only game in town – then you should see them grovel!”

The sink has also been a rather expensive companion. Phillips is forced to buy it movie seats, airplane seats, you name it (though she does appreciate its presence in the HOV lane).

“I can’t live without it,” she says. “Last night I woke up several times to wash my hands right there in bed; no walking all the way to bathroom! I have to guard it overnight though. My husband thinks it’s OK to pee in it.”

By Holly Love