Clifford’s Joseph Harris, Jr., the American rapper and actor professionally known as T.I. shocked the world again this week by announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry to focus on his new entrepreneurial adventure: virginity testing clinics. He has plans to open clinics in multiple locations nationwide, soon. 

“Honestly, I was surprised by the amount of backlash I received regarding accompanying my oldest daughter to her annual gynecologist appointment to ensure she is still a virgin. These people obviously don’t care about their daughters’ feminine purity. People have been calling me “creep,” “controlling,” “intrusive,” and even “abusive.” Would they rather I just allow my girls to sleep around? It’s okay for my sons to be sexually active but not my baby girls. I ain’t havin any female whores in this family.” 

T.I., who has 6 children with three different women continued, “The words of encouragement I have received from like-minded parents, mainly fathers, from around the world has far surpassed the amount of negativity. Their praise has given me the courage and support I needed to open my own virginity testing clinics. My clinics will provide sexually conscious parents with free or reduced-cost hymen checks for their precious angels, where the parents will be free from harsh judgement and criticism.” 

Mr. Harris concluded his announcement by adding, “Obviously conversations about sex still need to happen between parents and their daughters like the ones I have with my oldest, “Don’t you dare have sex until I tell you you’re ready, not even ‘just the Tip’, Harris” I tell my girl. She’s cool with it. My girls will be virgins until I decide they’re ready to be sexually active.”

By Catricia