Tempe, AZ —

Sean Hodges has fucking had it with his parents. First they wouldn’t stop bugging the 17-year-old to get a job, and now that he has one they won’t stop asking him about his work schedule. 

“Every fucking day it’s, ‘What time do you work today, Sean?’ Like goddamn, fam. My schedule is on the refrigerator. I even text them an image of my schedule every week. Can they not read? And why do they even care? God, they’re so fucking annoying at times. I thought getting a job would shut them up!” exclaimed the soon-to-be-former busboy at Chili’s. 

The high school senior has no choice but to quit. “The only thing more irritating than having to get a job is my parents asking me what time I work every damn day. So I’m quitting. I enjoy my job busing tables at Chili’s – it’s pretty easy work, it gets me out of the house, and having some cash is always nice, but holy shit! I’ve been working there for over four months now and my clueless, idiots-for-parents, still haven’t caught on to my daily schedule, for fuck’s sake.”

“I’d rather listen to my parents complain about me not having a job and getting the old ‘you’re not doing anything with your life’ lecture than have them incessantly asking me what time I work each and every day. Having a job and some of the perks that come along with it just aren’t worth listening to that horseshit.” 

By Catricia