Cleveland, OH —

The NFL was relieved on Thursday to see a player assault another player on the field, instead of assaulting a woman and having to deal with legality issues as they usually do. At the end of the Thursday night football game between the Steelers and the Browns, top pick defensive end, Myles Garrett, was involved in a brawl that also included Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, center Maurkice Pouncey, resulted in Garrett grabbing the Steelers quarterback’s helmet and swinging it and hitting the quarterback in the head. This all was a nice change from the reports of women being assaulted by NFL players, like Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt, and Dez Bryant to name a small sample of cases that have plagued the NFL. Rodger Goodell reported to the media Friday, stating that “While this type of behavior is not ideal in the NFL, it is at least a step up from having to deal with our players beating women and then having to deal with law enforcement and courts and figuring out an appropriate amount of games to suspend a player. I hope that if more players are in need of assaulting someone, they do it to another player on the field and not to a woman off the field.” While the statement made some people upset, the NFL defended its declaration, reminding people that no women were hurt during the brawl.

By Zach Englund