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“Not only will I not be donning any gay apparel, there will also be absolutely no fa-la-la-la-la-ing of any sort,” Vice President Mike Pence explained to his wife just prior to one of the many White House Christmas parties they have attended this month. “You start off jingling your bells all over the place, and before you know it Pelosi’s got you right where she wants you. No thank you.”

By Emily Sanchez, Photo edit: Emily Sanchez

14 thoughts on “Mike Pence Refuses To Don Gay Apparel

  1. Evil democrats? Talk about the pot (treasonous Republicans) calling the kettle black! Pence probably didn’t get a Christmas present from Putin nor Don the Con this year.

  2. What’s up with these comments ? Don’t these people know this is a parody website ?

    1. It’s because they’ve been told everything is fake news unless it’s insulting the administration…then clearly it’s real 😂

  3. “republicans we voted in”, equally as hysterical as “evil Democrats”.

  4. What are the Republicans that we voted for doing to put down the evil Democrats that are allowed to run riot?