San Diego, CA —

My Chemical Romance fans received an early Christmas present last month when the band announced they have reunited and will be playing a few upcoming shows. Emos everywhere dusted off their black studded belts and bracelets, put on their striped fingerless gloves, and applied their blackest-black eyeliner and nail polish in celebration of the band’s announcement. However, fans’ excitement quickly turned into disappointment after tickets for their first show sold out almost immediately. Only the luckiest of fans were able to score tickets to their first reunion show, like Purrard Way, MCR’s self-proclaimed ‘number one fan’, and cat.

“I can’t believe I was able to get my paws on some tickets! I would’ve sold four out of my last five lives for tickets if I had to! Now I can save those lives for the mosh pit. I’m not getting any younger.”

Nuzzling his studded collar in excitement, Purrard continued, “I don’t know how these tickets fell into my lap, and I don’t normally even like loud noises, but I am so excited for the concert tonight. I think I’ll go to Hot Topic and get some new clawless gloves.”

Later at the mall we spotted the same cat getting his eyebrow re-pierced before the show. Upon approaching him, Purrard said he felt like he was “living his emeow years all over again.”

By Catricia, Photo by Catricia, Photo Edit: Emily Sanchez

10 thoughts on “This Cat Already Has Tickets To The My Chemical Romance Reunion Tour

    1. It’s okay, the very real talking cat that somehow purchased concert tickets totally consented to it.