New York City Public School System:
Banned the display of nativity scene causing Christians to actually recognize that there are other religions in the world. (December 2002)

Catholic League:
Forced to waste two Holiday seasons protesting Walmart and Best Buy instead of celebrating with family members and friends because the stores decided to drift away from the word “Christmas.” (December 2005-2006)

“Merry Christmas”
The phrase “Merry Christmas” was officially announced KIA when local Best Buy employee, Kevin Winston, opted to use the phrase “Happy Holidays” to a shopper instead. (December 6th, 2016)

Starbucks Winter Cups:
Company releases plain red and green cups with only the logo, depriving them of winter and Christmas decor. (December 2015)

Mike McKillip:
Local Catholic from Kansas City, MO who, after years of trying to convince people to say “Merry Christmas,” just gave up. (December 19th, 2012)

Bill O’Reilly:
Went MIA after years in the trenches trying to retain Christmas. Since then, O’Reilly temporarily abandoned his post to write yet another book. (December 2014)