Hollywood, CA —

The Nielsen Ratings for Season One of “Skydiving With No Parachute” are in, and the program’s popularity shows no sign of abating, even though each of the first twelve episodes had a very similar ending.

“We have a line out the door of Season Two contestants,” says Executive Producer Marcus Feldman.

“This is one of those shows that’s really popular because of, I don’t know….let’s call it the process, rather than the result. But it’s been great for the first twelve contestants! SWNP has had a huge impact on their lives.”

“Our ideal contestant is sort of a free-floating individual, someone who starts out with their head in the clouds, but then turns out to be decidedly down to earth.”

“As we tell prospective candidates, if you’re looking for your fifteen minutes of fame — or, more exactly, three minutes, twenty-four point two seconds — being on SWNP will launch your career with a huge splash. Or sometimes a splat. It depends.”

By Joe Lichtblau

One thought on “Despite Predictable Endings, Ratings Still Strong For Reality Show, ‘Skydiving With No Parachute’

  1. It’s crazy how they fit 3minutes of drama into 22.5 minutes of a half hour show. My only complaint is that makes for alot of commercials. Usually about funeral companies.