By Emile Flémgasse —

Make no mistake, America’s unilateral act of assassinating Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani today in Baghdad will set off an unimaginable hellscape of doom, war, and wanton destruction on Twitter.

From today forward, Americans abroad, at home, or any other place there is access to the Twittersphere, will be subject to a near endless fusillade of dire predictions forecasting widespread horror, as pundits drop a barrage of explosive opinions all over the social media site, and commenters supporting the killing retort with their own provocative eruptions.

Already, the tweets portending mass destruction and counter-tweets in support of the drone-strike are reverberating around the planet — but the shockwaves produced by these thought-leaders will look like nothing compared to the coming onslaught of cognoscenti packing bombshells of panic, anxiety and terror into 280 characters or less.