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In a decision that has rocked the British empire, the fresh-faced parents of an infant, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have made the decision to step back from the grueling work of royal life. “We are in our mid-thirties now, and it is time to really enjoy our lives. We don’t want to be cutting ribbons and visiting orphans well into our 90’s,” the millennial couple told reporters who had chased their vehicle for 12 city blocks.

They will give up some of their income paid by taxpayers, and will only live part time in their family’s taxpayer-funded estate. This revolutionary young couple plans to be completely self-sufficient, relying only on Harry’s inheritance funded by taxpayers, and Meghan’s money from ‘Suits.’

“If needed, Meghan can always become an influencer, and I’m happy to go to work at an entry-level CEO job at Google,” Harry told the reporters who were camped outside the window that looks into the couple’s bathroom. “We do plan to retain our titles and income, but the job itself has become unbearable.”

At press time, the Queen was spotted drafting a letter entitled “Like Hell You Will.”

By Emily Sanchez

2 thoughts on “Millennial Couple To Vacate Family’s Estate

  1. No, no, no. They give the commoners 12 months of paid vacation, free medical, dental care and 10 pints a day of what ever crap they call Ale. This is all derived from annuities they invested in back in 1945.

  2. ……….Royals have been ruining European commoners lives for centuries. That any taxes go to them is a waste of tax revenue.