“The test’s accuracy has an error margin of 0.03%, which is all the confidence I need to continue my presidential run,” Warren stated. “I’m not going to allow this test or Bernie to break my spirit.”

By Catricia

9 thoughts on “Warren Takes DNA Test Again, Results Show She Is 100% Never Going To Be President

  1. Bunch of crack heads, Warren is a idiot. Noone with any brains t all will not bite for her. Just the whackos.

  2. You’re a LIAR and neither you nor any of the other unamerican demoncrats will win the upcoming election.We the people of the United States are sick and tired of your attacks on our President, Donald Trump.Your days are numbered so go back to the reservation.Oh that’s right! You’re not an American Indian you just lied about it!! Trump 2020

  3. I have faith in you. I trust you more than the vast majority I know of on that Hill. And definitely, a ”certain” individual featured prominently in question. *️⃣💄/🐷🇺🇸

    1. Your faith in Warren’s genuineness has no basis in reality. It’s like religion.

  4. its time that we had a woman president and i believe that Warren will make a good president

    1. Yeah not any woman president.. not a corporate shill. Bernie will have a woman VP. 2024 will be a good chance for a real progressive woman to continue leading our country where Sanders is helping us get.