Denver, CO —

Oh cool, another fucking post about the weather. No, your friends have never seen white powdery stuff before. Snow? Is that what it’s called? Please enlighten us, Susan. We had no idea! Rain? What the fuck is this liquid falling from the sky? Holy shit, woman! Are you a meteorologist or your own fucking weather app? For fuck’s sake, fuck off, Susan. 

It’s like this bitch doesn’t understand that most people with a brain are familiar with the weather. We know what rain is (super cute photo of it raining with the comment, “God is crying” by the way). We know what snow is. Yeah, we’ve seen mountains covered in snow before. That picture of the temperature gauge in your car- yep, we’ve seen that before too. Everyone with a car has one. You’re not the only one, dipshit. We know during winter the temperatures are colder and in summer the temperatures are warmer. It’s not fucking rocket science, Susan. 

Fuck you Susan. We get it. You hate the snow. You hate being cold. Go live in a place where it doesn’t snow. Oh! You hate the rain and the heat too? Holy shit, bitch. What do you like? Go get a fucking hobby! Posting incessantly about the weather is your hobby? Good God woman. Everybody hates you, Susan.

By Catricia