Detroit, MI —

After years of being dissed by Eminem, Eminem finally responded by dropping an album firing back at Eminem.

In Eminem’s new album “Music to be Murdered By,” the multi-platinum rap artist finally takes shots at his longest-time critic, Eminem. In almost every song throughout the album, we see the Detroit-born rapper viciously retort to perhaps the greatest white rapper of his generation.

Throughout his hip-hop career, Eminem has taken on the likes of MGK, Benzino, ICP, and many other artists who criticized him. Yet, for nearly his entire career, Eminem has also been under constant fire from his rival, Eminem. Now he finally attacks his biggest adversary in this insane new album.

The surprise-release album dropped mere days ago, but is already creating major buzz throughout the industry for the way Eminem has saved perhaps his harshest disses for Eminem. Though the album has been met with mixed reviews, Eminem has certainly made a point to get back at Eminem, and it remains to be seen if we will see a response album or diss track from Eminem.

We reached out to Eminem for comment, but his publicist said he had no comment. In response, Eminem said, “That fucking pussy always has no comment.”

Headline By Joe Lichtblau, Article By Zach Englund