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Green Day has been around for almost 40 years. They are now a household name, selling millions of albums worldwide, known for their fast power chords, 70s street punk chic, and a lead singer that, for some reason, sounds like some cockney bloke with a nasal drip. We sat down with Billie Joe Armstrong.

Unsubscribed: Mr. Joe Armstrong, thank you for joining me today and agreeing to do this interview. I’ve been a huge fan for years. Well, your earlier stuff, really.

Billie Joe Armstrong: Thanks! And thanks for having me.

Unsubscribed: So we’re here to talk about the thing that’s on everyone’s mind…

Billie Joe Armstrong: *laughs* Yeah, everyone is asking. Well, the new tour is going to be pretty exciting, and—

Unsubscribed: Oh, you’re touring? Ummm…

Billie Joe Armstrong: Ah, you want to talk about my latest interview for Rolling Stone with Billie Eilish.

Unsubscribed: I didn’t know that was a thing. Sounds fun, though!

Billie Joe Armstrong: Oh, it’s not about American Idiot being turned into a musical, is it? That was like a decade ago.

Unsubscribed: I totally forgot about that!

Billie Joe Armstrong: Did you… did you want to talk about what it’s like to win a Grammy?


Billie Joe Armstrong

Unsubscribed: Why the fuck do you sound British when you sing?

Billie Joe Armstrong: I, uhh… what?

Unsubscribed: I mean, I was blown away when I found out you were born and raised in California. Did you watch a lot of British TV growing up or something? Are your idols British? Are you channeling your inner ancestors? This has been fucking with me for close to 30 years now. Most British singers sound less British than you. Just help me understand this. Why do you sound like a 19th-century London chimney sweep suffering from severe hay fever?

Billie Joe Armstrong

Unsubscribed: Fancy a cuppa?

Billie Joe Armstrong: A what? Can I go now?

Unsubscribed: Cheerio!

Billie Joe Armstrong: Assholes.

By Catricia and Andrew Froese

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