Marblehead, MA —

By all accounts, ghost Daniel Cordova ought to be more than satisfied with his after-life. He holds a prestigious position haunting a large, stately manor, with a bountiful supply of expensive china to throw. When Daniel slams doors, people take notice. And yet, something is missing.

“I just have a feeling there’s more to the wraith realm than all these fancy trappings,” says Daniel, as he fidgets with his newest, trendy toy, a high-tech chain that can be rattled at forty different frequencies.

“Last month, I upped my vision game with a pair of shade shades, the really cool ones made by Polter Guys— all the younger phantoms are wearing them. Except of course I had to get mine with extra-thick, bi-focal prescription lenses. But even that hasn’t lifted my spirits.”

Daniel‘s wife, Anna, who recently joined him in the after-life, chimes in, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with him anymore. He’s eternally moping. I even tried to make plans to bring a little death back into our relationship by getting spooky in the master bedroom together, but,” she says, fixing her ashamed husband with an icy stare, “Daniel ghosted me.”

By Joe Lichtblau, Image Edit: Andrew Froese