Washington, D.C. —

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urgently warned today that the deadly coronavirus has infected social media and is being spread by sharing Facebook posts.

According to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, any post containing the word “coronavirus” is a huge red flag.

“Anyone who clicks open a post in which ‘coronavirus’ is used repeatedly will probably be infected with coronavirus. Even being tagged in the comments of a coronavirus post can transmit deadly coronavirus. If you click on such a coronavirus post you need to rush your coronavirus-infected self to a coronavirus-capable facility to be checked for coronavirus and put into a coronavirus quarantine, before you can spread more coronavirus.”

According to the CDC, coronavirus is also being spread via coronavirus-infected emails, and not just those containing “coronavirus” in the subject line.

“In fact, no one should open anything sent via Internet, unless from a completely trusted, non-coronavirus source who would never under any circumstances want you to die from coronavirus transmitted by a coronavirus-filled message spreading coronavirus.”

By Joe Lichtblau

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