Palm Beach, Florida —

The president spoke with reporters today at Mar-a-Lago before heading out for a second round of golf. He was asked why conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom during the State of the Union speech on Tuesday. Trump replied “Why not? He’s a great guy. And loyal. You know, people always say that. People say that Rush is a bad guy. Or that he’s racist. And I say, he’s not racist. He’s probably the least racist. I know people are far more. I mean, c’mon. He’s…did I mention his loyalty? Very loyal.” Trump then went on to say “And because…well…it was all over the news last month. His drummer died. Everyone was talking about it. Very tragic. His name was Neil. He played the drums. And now he’s dead. Drums…now there’s no more drums.”

Afterwards it was explained that Neil Peart, who passed away from an aggressive form of brain cancer on January 7th, actually was the drummer in the Canadian progressive rock band Rush. But the grimacing president with his head cocked to the side did not seem to fully understand.

By Ethan Moore