During what has already been a lengthy voting season, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez vowed to continuously count all votes until Senator Bernie Sanders does not win. “We will work tirelessly across this great land—counting, recounting, throwing away ballots, even deleting votes if necessary—to make sure that Sanders does not become the nominee.”

Even though winning the popular vote is no guarantee of becoming the party’s nominee, or even the President, the DNC remains fearful of its members staying home on election day rather than casting their vote for a candidate with whom they are not completely in love.

“We will not let 2020 be another 2016, except in that Bernie will not win the nomination,” Perez asserted. “No matter what we have to do.”

By Emily Sanchez

2 thoughts on “DNC Promises To Keep Counting Votes Until Bernie Isn’t The Winner

    1. It’s satire. Satire based on the call for a recanvas after Bernie won the popular vote in Iowa, Perez stacked the DNC with people against progressive policies, people like Chris Matthews are implying Bernie will be a Castro-esque dictator because he either isnt doing his job as a reporter and knows literally nothing about the demsoc platform and hasn’t paid attention to Bernie’s platform, or he’s intentionally misleading the public as a part of a propaganda effort. That being said, the Democratic Establishment seems to be doing everything possible to prevent Bernie from becoming the nominee or referring to him as a frontrunner.