The COEXIST sticker is such a beautiful thing, comprised of letters each representing different ideologies, showing that we can truly live together in harmony, especially against the intolerance of those bootlicking Trumpster fucks!

Read it out loud, you soulless, bigoted right-wingers! It says COEXIST. That means we all have to share this planet, no matter how different we are, you racist, Trumplethinskin-loving pieces of shit!

See that peace sign as the “O” and those pride colors, you bigoted douchebags? Those are universal symbols of togetherness, a word that’s foreign to your small-minded cult of Cuckservatives!

Why can’t you pull your head out of 45’s ass and see that our differences are actually complementary and interdependent, like the Yin and Yang, you fascist, braindead sheeple? BAHHHH!!

We will never stop flying our freak flag and spreading love until you dogmatic, military complex-loving Trumpkins understand just how parochial and hate-filled your worldview is!

By Andrew Froese

5 thoughts on “Coexist Sticker Really Sticking It To Those Intolerant, Bootlicking Trumpster Fucks

  1. Hmm someone seems to be very angry . You need to go outside look at that beautiful sky, hug someone you love, ,be thankfull you’re not living in the middle ages , breathe and relax . go to a nursing home ask if you can cheer up someone who never has visitors,be thankful you have someone who loves you . If you don’t find someone or love .

  2. To bad cro magon neanderthals cant realize that they are the reason the world is so fucked up now with their divide and conquer ideology of a master race, more like a pathetic race of pasty ass pale faced losers

  3. Hey Asshole bring that pussy Ass fuck you attitude on over we’ll handle this the old fashioned way. You fucking ass pussies that need a safe place in College no less, when will you ever grow a set of balls and back up your sewer spewing mouths? That’s all I’ll say for now but really you faggot I’m right here come on over…

    1. Well put… there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to tolerate those intolerant bastards. They can suck eggs! Take a long walk off a short pier! Yeah… get ’em boyo.

      And always remember… as Roseanne Roseanna-Danna always used to say…. hyperbole and exaggeration are the best things ever !!!

    2. Is this satire and parody??? Are you serious??? I’m guessing your satirizing the satirist… but who knows???

      P.S. – You forgot to include your address so he could come over and kick your ass! Mere oversight there I’m sure…