Irving, TX —

Faced with mounting liabilities stemming from thousands of lawsuits brought by men claiming to have been sexually abused while they were Boy Scouts, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is raising money by selling access to a huge trove of naked Boy Scout photos dating back as far as the mid-1950s.

An ecstatic BSA CEO Jim Turley said the sale of the first batch of photos had been incredibly successful. “The Vatican immediately entered the initial bid. In fact, the only bid. Then they insisted on bidding against themselves for the next 24 hours. After that, NAMBLA jumped in with their offer, and the prices went through the roof.”

When the online bidding closed, the BSA had raked in about $19 Million, enough it said to settle one lawsuit.

By Joe Lichtblau

One thought on “Boy Scouts Selling 50 Years Worth Of Naked Scout Photos To Finance Abuse Settlements

  1. Selling pics of their abuse to pay victims of their abuse?? Say what??!!