‘We Don’t Need A Day To Show Our Love’ Says Man Who Sucks At Marriage

“Man, if I took all that money I've saved over the last 15 years of marriage by not buying all that overpriced Valentine's Day junk, I could afford to take my wife on trip to Paris! I mean, I won't, because I'd have to get the time off work and then we'd have to get passports and stuff. That's not what either of us want. Ain't that right, babe? Yeah, she don't want no trip to Paris.”

State-Owned Chinese Newspaper Deletes Erroneous Columnist

Beijing, China — China’s Xinhua News Agency apologized to readers today for printing a mistaken opinion column earlier in the week, and explained that it had rectified the matter by retracting and deleting the erroneous author. “We are most sorry to our honored public for oversights made in publishing wrong thinking material that contravened firmly … Continue reading State-Owned Chinese Newspaper Deletes Erroneous Columnist