In a surprise turn of events, Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced his official endorsement for President Barack Obama. It remains unclear if this was his intention, but he did tell the crowd, “My friend Barack Obama is the only chance we have to unify the Democratic party, and to defeat Donald Trump. This is how we will heal this nation. It is my pleasure to support him in everything he does. I’m probably still running, but man — he is the best. Him, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, we’ll get the whole gang back. I have no doubt. He is the man for the job.” Biden’s advisers were spotted quickly attempting to rush the candidate offstage, but it was pointless as he had already begun to make a beeline towards a startled ice cream vendor who was busy feeding the crowd.

By Emily Sanchez

One thought on “Biden Endorses Obama

  1. He’s such a boob. I’m disappointed that Black voters don’t seem to realize he’s not Obama and never will be. Obama suggested that, “Joe, you don’t have to do this.” That was his endorsement that Joe not even run. Apparently, just being associated with Obama is enough.