Middle Armpit —

The smart set of Upper Torso is all abuzz, as word on the street has it that Skin Rash, already the “it” socialite of the glitzy North Nipple summer scene, is constructing an opulent winter chalet in swanky Middle Armpit.

Skin Rash effused, “We simply adore all our wonderful friends here on the Areola Coast, but just thinking about settling into my fabulous Under Arm retreat this winter — I get goosebumps!”

Current denizens of the trendy Middle Pit hideaway have mixed feelings about their new neighbor.

“I hope Skin Rash understands that we are not just another trashy celebrity playground, like Around The Navel,” said a long-time member of the ultra-exclusive Armpit Bacterial Colony.

Others were less circumspect. “Middle Pit is not a place where a girl just plops down and spreads, which I hear is Skin Rash’s specialty,” sniffed a fifth-generation Mole, who asked to remain anonymous.

Skin Rash dismissed her critics saying, “They may write me off as flaky, but once I’ve moved in, they’ll be positively itching to be part of my circle — trust me, darling, I’ve seen it before.”