Foxborough, MA —

The end of an era occurred earlier today in the NFL as it was announced that Bill Belichick opted to put down the aging all-star quarterback, Tom Brady, rather than re-signing him or letting him retire or test free agency. “We just did what we felt was best for our organization,” Belichick bluntly stated to astonished reporters. Though the method was never disclosed officially, many believe Bill first chopped Brady’s right arm off to keep as a good luck charm, the same throwing arm that propelled the Patriots into a dynasty for the past two decades. “Specifics aren’t really important, what is is winning football games and that’s what I intend to do,” the legendary head coach followed up, leading many to wonder if the method of putting down the star was merciless or merciful. It is uncertain as to who else could be euthanized, but one thing’s for sure, we have seen the end of an amazing run in the NFL.

By Zach Englund, Photo edit by Emily Sanchez