Your father is doing okay too. We’re just hanging in there. He’s done some yard work. Let’s see, what else, the little dog makes sure that I take her outside a bunch. She’s very entertaining. I think she knows something is off. Your dad did go out to the store yesterday, even though you told us you’d shop for us. He has another doctor appointment for that thing on his back on the 15th, I hope he can still get in. It doesn’t look good, but he’s doing his best. I’ve watched Netflix, something called ‘Virgin River.’ It wasn’t very good, but I guess lots of people are watching things that aren’t very good. It’s all going to be okay. We can’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. All we have is right now, and right now is okay, I guess. All right, that’s about it for now. You good? Okay, I love you a lot. It’s good to hear your little voice.

By William Boffa, Article by Emily Sanchez