On Friday, thousands attended a Trump rally to stop the spread of coronavirus. In the crowded arena, the President revved up his base to attack the foreign virus before it invades their communities.

“Under Obama, we didn’t have Coronavirus. But no one is talking about that. I never get any credit. No one gives me any credit. A true pandemic. The only reason we have this is because he never did anything to stop it. Where’s Hillary? Someone get crooked Hillary. Sad how the media won’t. You know with China. It’s an infection like the world has never seen.

“Sleepy Joe and that crazy Sanders wouldn’t know what to do with this great amount of virus. They’d probably just give it away to struggling Americans. They got these toilets that you gotta flush 10, 15 times. And nobody did anything. Nobody. Unbelievable,” Trump trailed off.

As the rally entered its third hour, it became clear the President was torn between thoughts of golf, wanting to stop the spread of the virus, and being proud of the virus-sector growth under his administration. “I have more COVID-19 than anyone else in the history of the world. I do want this to end. It’s terrible. The liberals are going crazy. But still, it is very impressive how we’ve grown this.”