Protests have been cropping up in states throughout the nation this week, as stay-at-home orders were extended to the end of May.

The protests, which have taken place at various state capitals, including Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, are an out-cry against the government violating people’s freedom and liberty to contract COVID-19, if they should so choose. “This is absolute tyranny for these governors to keep me from contracting the coronavirus!” Bellowed Benjamin Robins, a Michigan protester. “America is about freedom and we should be free to contract the virus!”

Trump further escalated the protests by tweeting “Liberate Coronavirus!” as well as by applauding the protesters taking action against “frankly a terrible and unamerican decision to stamp on people’s liberties to get sick and potentially die.”

Protester Keith Raymond from Minnesota was heard exclaiming that his father fought and died for his liberty to catch a highly contagious disease, and potentially die or inadvertently kill others from it. “These governors need to remember that we live in a free country and we should be allowed the liberty to contract this disease.”

By Zach Englund