Madison, WI —

According to the view from your supine, crumpled, defeated, tear-stained body in the middle of a poppy field, a large sheep is peering down at your face, wondering why you’ve been lying there quietly sobbing for the last six hours.

“Thank you, ewe, but it’s nothing you’d understand,” you whimper to the gentle ruminant. “Sometimes we two-legged creatures have crises that just seem so endless and unsolvable. You know how last year you were stuck out in the rain for ten minutes before you could get back into the barn? Well the current human condition is something like that, only instead of rain, it’s a shit-storm of bad news, disease, economic collapse and isolation, and instead of ten minutes, it’s months on end, and instead of the barn, it’s the entire framework of our never-to-return-to-normal lives.”

You swear that the sheep nodded her head in sympathy, just a little, as if she comprehended your words. This only made you cry harder.

By Holly Love