Satilla Shores, GA —

After taking the two victims, Travis and Gregory McMichaels, into protective custody, police in this oceanside enclave are now investigating whether Known Black Person Ahmaud Arbery should be posthumously arrested for unlawful asportation of live ammunition from Travis McMichael’s shotgun.

Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George E. Barnhill laid out the facts implicating Arbery. 

“Our investigation to date shows that the victim, Mr. McMichaels, began the day with at least six rounds in his shotgun, but after encountering the late Known Black Person alleged perpetrator, had only three. An autopsy has since revealed that the alleged thief exited the scene, as well as this earth, with at least one of those bullets.”

“This certainly appears to be a case of larcenous absorption of ammunition, but in fairness to all parties, let me be clear, we are still investigating. Specifically, we are continuing to review evidence showing that the deceased alleged perpetrator may have also illegally touched — in other words, possessed — a shotgun without a duly conferred firearms license.”

By Joe Lichtblau