Despite the constant warning of health risk, moms all over are still insisting their children visit.

What are they saying? What strategies are they using? Here’s a look at the top phrases our moms are dishing out, according to reader submissions.

“You’d better bring me my grandbabies.”

“Airfare is so cheap right now. I saw a round-trip ticket for $45. You can’t spend $45 to visit your ol’ mum?”

“Even if you do give me Coronavirus, it’s still such a gift to be near you.”

“I’ll expect you at 2:00. John doesn’t have to come with you.”

“I’ll expect you at 2:00. I’m fine if Emily visits her mom instead.”

“I went through 18 hours of intense labor with you. There was tearing.”

And one mom who is having none of it today:

“Your chance to be the death of me ended when you were 13. Don’t you dare come over here.”