Many cities across the US are beginning the first phases of reopening, which means at long last people are able to get their hair cut! We followed 37 year old Robert Shorterly as he donned his plastic cape and took a seat in that much missed swiveling barber shop chair.

It had been nearly three months since Robert last patronized Burt’s Barber Shop, located in the small town of Yellow Springs, OH. “I’ve been a regular of Burt’s for over 10 years. This guys gives a great cut and treats everyone like family. Today I will be asking for my usual: a number two all over my head,” says Shorterly.

Burt the barber finishes scissoring an elderly gentleman and makes his way to where Robert is sitting. Not only does his shop offer haircuts, but they also do beard trims, shaves and eyebrow sculpting. Burt has even picked up a little bit of skincare know-how along the way. “A lot of guys come in here to get a cut, not expecting to receive an amateur facial before they leave,” Robert explains. “This takes me back to the first time I felt one of Burt’s amazingly soft towels! After I plopped in the chair, he leaned me back and laid a hot steamy one right on my face.”

During the lockdown many people had to resort to either cutting their own hair, or letting a trusted household member tackle the job. Robert confided that his wife’s attempt at recreating his signature shaved look did not go quite as planned. “I asked my wife to take a number two all over my head, but it looked like crap. It turns out that she had a bit of an accident and took a number one on my head by mistake. Man, was I pissed! I’m just so grateful to have my regular barber back.”

We asked Burt the barber what he recommends to all the people out there who are still unable to get to their hair dresser. Here’s what he had to say: “You really can’t go wrong with a nice close shave with the size two attachment. The really important thing to remember, though, is to tighten the guide securely onto the clippers. A loose number two is going to result in a mess on your hands.”

We thank Robert and Burt the barber for allowing us to get a peek into what people can expect the world will look like in the coming months.

By CarolAnn Liebelt