In a move that’s expected to “spice things up” and appeal to younger viewers, Fox News is set to begin sporadically interspersing their reports with small morsels of verifiable information.

“We’ve had a good run teaching people how communism is the same thing as public services, the climate isn’t changing, and that a global pandemic is actually a Democratic hoax,” said CEO Suzanne Scott. “But then we realized, you know what could really revitalize our ripening viewers? Reality.”

“Indeed, our test audience showed real excitement every time we injected little, digestible doses of reality into our usual punditry. Over time, we may consider moving slowly toward a 50% truth-based system, similar to that on most cable news shows.” According to the network’s preliminary focus groups, the longer a viewer had been watching Fox News, the more likely they were to be dazzled and amazed by empirical facts.

These new changes are set to go in effect after the election in November, assuming the Fox News building is still standing by then.

By William Boffa