For years, record labels have been scrambling to find the “next Billie Eilish,” after Eilish’s catchy portrayal of mental illness and suicide garnered millions of fans overnight. After rounding up hundreds of young songwriters on the rise, we at Unsubscribed found Rosey Flynn, 17-year-old girl who might just be blowing up your Spotify next year. Why? First of all: she’s really sad.

The resemblance is uncanny. Remember when Eilish hit us all in the heartstrings when she portrayed herself breaking down in a padded cell? In an eerie parallel, Rosey Flynn also sometimes feels sad, and will often express said sadness. Just as Eilish resonated with countless young people suffering in today’s society, explored her identity as a girl, and gave people a place to feel understood, Rosey, in a similar way, is super bummed.

“Very promising” and “good-sad rather than bad-sad” are just a few ways producer Finneas O’Connell has described Rosey. According to O’Connell, “before they can ever perform, a lot of stars have to go through months of sadness training and exercises. But occasionally, you get girls like Billie and Rosey who are just naturals.”

Has she written any poems or sang before? Does she have any interest in learning an instrument or participating in music in any sense? Time will only tell. Until then, we hope this girl keep doing what she does best, because we are here for it!