“Enough is enough,” Speaker Pelosi told reporters as she and dozens of other House democrats took a water break during their recording session of We Are the World. “We have been sitting in these old desk chairs for far too long. It is truly egregious how this atrocity has been allowed to continue.”

“Our old chairs aren’t even ergonomic,” explained Alexanria Ocasio-Cortez. “This matters. The time is now. I’m so proud of my colleagues for standing up for what is right. Rolly chairs are the future.”

The old chairs have hurt the movement. “It was the great Bob Dylan who questioned ‘How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?’ and I ask you now: how long must we wait while these chairs cripple our nation’s most vulnerable—your U.S. House of Representatives?” said Rep. Jerry Nadler. “I’ve got my eye on a nice black leather one. It’s got this wingback. Classic. Lewis said he wanted a mesh one, but he’s always been more of a free-spirit.”

Before returning to finish their hot track, the representatives said they were looking forward to the American people stepping up to do what the American people always do: give money so that things look a little different, but stay the same.

By Emily Sanchez, Photo edit: Emily Sanchez