Phoenix, AZ—

“I’m sick of all this BLM stuff, and people calling me a racest POS just because I think all lives matter and that everyone is just a bunch of whiny snowflake fucktards,” Carl Larusa posted on Facebook. “I can hate whoever I want, white people, black people, purple people. Get the fuck over it. The Confederate flags my culture. You want to take it down? Pull you’re pants up you dipshits. Quit posting about that systematic racissm. I’m not racist, and I’m over you idiots calling me racist every day of my life. Just because I’m white, I’m racist? That’s bullshit. Your racist. You trolls. There’s no such thing as racism. I’ve never even met a racist person. I even have a black friend. Their fine, some of them. We’ve worked together for years, and believe-it-or-not that asshole actually gets paid more than I do.” Larusa then carpetbombed Facebook with videos of Candace Owens and the Hodgetwins. “And another thing all them thugs who are saying we don’t need police—good luck to them cuz I’ll gladly shoot em and string em up. God doesn’t even see color you scumbags.”

By Emily Cohen