Sixty-three year old Aunt Diane has repeatedly referred to her loved ones as “Sweaty” over the course of her three year span on Facebook, leaving many perplexed. It is unlikely that the well-meaning retired nurse is aware that she has been using a word synonymous with perspiration as a term of endearment for her family and close friends, but one cannot be completely certain.

Take, for example, her comment on her 33 year old Niece Bethany’s photo:

“Waht a,View!! HOPE YOY Had. A GRATE DAY,,, Sweaty!! Love yoy!!!!! XOXOXo, – Aunt D.

It may appear that she was intending to call Bethany “Sweety”, but the fact that this comment was left on one of her niece’s gym selfies renders the comment ambiguous.

Another example leaving everyone perplexed, was a reply she left to a comment on her daughter Dana’s profile picture. One of Dana’s male coworkers simply commented on the photo “Hot!” To which Diane replied “BACK OF.SWEATY!!!”

Did she intend to condescend the male coworker by calling him sweety? Or did she think he was announcing that he was literally hot and thus perspiring to excess?

When asked for a comment on the matter, Aunt Diane simply replied with this gif:

By CarolAnn Liebelt

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  1. And then she copied and pasted the legally binding statement protecting all of her statuses and photos from being confiscated by the new Facebook in 24 hours