After two two months of quarantine, Netflix user Tom Miller has binged every series on the streaming service, with the exceptions of Fuller House and Iron Fist. “After I watched the last episode of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix added a new category, Shows You Haven’t Already Watched. The list consisted of a sequel to a show I never saw the first time, and a Marvel spinoff about some boring white guy whose superpower consists of being really good at martial arts.”

“I’m debating whether to spend 75 episodes watching John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure reprise some terrible sitcom from 30 years ago, or I can watch 23 episodes of Finn Jones trying unsuccessfully to act. I’m back to work now, so I figure I can stretch the viewing out for at least a week. After that, it’s back to Watch It Again.”

At press time, Miller was ecstatic about rumors that a second season of Chasing Cameron might be given the green light.

By Fred Gailey