Over the weekend, President Trump and his campaign team officially launched their fresh, new campaign slogan: White Power.

“Our critics were always like, ‘Oh, when was America great? Do you mean during slavery? Jim Crow? What?’ And then we switched to ‘Keep America Great,’ but then the extreme left kept pointing out this Kung Flu and the unemployment rate, so it was time to clarify the vision, and we’re really excited that this does that,” Counselor Kellyanne Conway explained.

The President said in a statement, “We had ‘MAGA.’ We had ‘Keep America Great.’ But now I have this totally new, never-heard-of-before idea called White Power. It’s never been done. Nobody has ever said it, at least that’s what they’re telling me. And I need you, the great people who support me to let this idea ring from the mighty mountains. These liberal terrorists won’t like it, but we will defeat them.”

“We know that there are those in the media who won’t support this,” Conway went on to say. “Even my whiny husband will probably say it isn’t right. But he’ll still be around, sleeping under my lifeless body every night. And the do-nothing Democrats will do what they do best: nothing.”

A source from inside the White House also confirmed that the President was considering adding a new emblem to all official merchandise. They would not share the design, but said it looks like two Z’s kind of intersecting each other in the middle, facing opposite directions.

By Emily Sanchez