Orlando, FL—

After shaking hands with hundreds of thousands of park-goers upon Magic Kingdom’s reopening, the 91-year-old mouse reported feeling flu-like symptoms. “The pineapple Dole Whip had no taste, I had a fever, and I wasn’t able to move my mouth, it was just hanging open in this exaggerated smile.”

Mickey told his supervisor that he needed to be tested for COVID-19, and he was immediately whisked away to be swabbed. His results came back positive right as he was finishing his 12 hour shift. “I think I’ll stay home tomorrow, and have Minnie take me to the hospital if it gets worse,” Mr. Mouse told 19-year-old Kevin from Lake Wales, Florida.

“The next think I knew, they were pumping me full of fluids and I was strapped to a ventilator. ‘Don’t worry, it’s battery operated and has wheels, so you’ll be able to work your regular shift,’ they said. I guess I’m grateful, I don’t have good insurance and I really need this job to make rent, so where better to recuperate than the happiest place on earth?”

By Emily Sanchez, Photo edit: Emily Sanchez