Colfax, LA— 

Local parents, Summer and Jorge Torres, expressed growing concern about their teenage son suffering from dry skin after discovering a half empty bottle of lotion next to the young adult’s bed. “I discovered it the other week, and at that time it was about three-quarters full, but when I checked on it this week I found it was nearly empty,” said Summer, mother of Jordan Torres, showing high concerns for her oldest child. “I really think either he has something wrong like dry skin from some sort of condition, maybe it’s the room, maybe it’s too dry.”

When asked how long there had been lotion present next to the bed, neither parent could truly respond definitively. “You know it’s such a small detail.” Jorge added, “To really notice that it was there, could be a week, maybe some months.” After further observation it became clear that their son goes through the lotion at an alarming rate. “I would say he’s going through a bottle a week or so. Clearly I feel that it has to be dry skin, an excessive amount, though I don’t know where it would stem from, he seems to be a healthy, growing boy.” The parents noted that their tissues would also be used up quicker than normal, but didn’t think it was related to their son.

Unfortunately, Jordan was unavailable to comment on the matter.

By Zach Englund