“It’s clear to me that we need these briefings to happen every day again,” Trump told Tucker Carlson of Fox News. “Most of the people love me. Love, love me. Very good people. But you get these bad actors that no matter what great things I do, they complain. So, it’s like in school when one kid acts up, it’s only fair that the teacher punish the entire class,” he went on. “Very good people are telling me that I’m handling this all perfectly. Obama never did anything to stop this virus, but I’m working all the time. I have great people on this, and they say, ‘Mr. President, you’re doing great. The virus is going away. It’s hot outside, and our numbers are going lower because the heat kills the virus, and you can see that all over.’ But then there’s the ones, you see them in the streets, vandalizing our roadways with their spray paint, painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ everywhere. Hateful, very bad, bad people. So, I’m going to continue these briefings until they all, and that terrible mainstream media tell me thank you, and that I’m doing a good job.”

By Emily Sanchez