A new special edition Kidz Bop album is set to be released this month featuring all the newest hits since the start of the pandemic. At a special preview listening party, Kidz Bop fans got a chance to hear those sweet, innocent voices singing WAP, the new single from Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. From the opening line of “Floors in this house. There’s some floors in this house.” it was clear that nearly every word of the original would be changed. “Hop on top, I wanna ride. I do a kegel when it’s inside” was changed to “Hop a lot, I wanna fly. I chew a bagel and ride my bike” by those little children with voices like that of little children angels. By the time you get to the line in the second verse “Ask for a car while you ride that dick” converted to “Mask in the car while you pick up sticks” it becomes obvious that all the effort went into changing the lyrics while none went into the song making any sense at all. Still, WAP (Waffles And Pancakes) is a song your kids will be singing for years.

By Ethan Moore

3 thoughts on “Every Single Lyric Changed For Kidz Bop Version Of WAP

  1. Eh. Even if not 100% kid-friendly, Lardi B did the cover better. She has good flow and lyrics and some people really think a song with an adult woman saying “I made a career off smearing some cake all over my titties, nah they ain’t fake” was Kidz Bop. Wings and Pizza > Waffles and Pancakes