Burbank, CA —

In an uncharacteristically Grimm tale for the cinema giant, magically-immune Snow White cares for the COVID-infected seven dwarfs, but she only has six ventilators. Pushed to her emotional limits, the young beauty begins making a gut-wrenching decision by revealing her live-or-die rationales.

Live: He’s always so relaxed, and reminds me to de-stress when life gets hard.
Die: He seems extra sleepy today. Maybe he’s in a coma or dead already. Might make the choice easy.

Live: He’s just the cutest thing. Always bringing me little flowers and looking away awkwardly with a loving smile.
Die: Not always as bashful as you think. Once pulled up a chair to eat popcorn while watching me undress.

Live: We can’t just sacrifice individuals because they have disagreeable personalities due to mental impairments stemming from childhood trauma, neurological deficiencies, or other circumstances beyond their control.
Die: He’s Grumpy, damn it.

Live: He’s a doctor! We need all the health care workers we can get right now.
Die: Doc often stammers and mixes up his words, and also mixes up his coronavirus data, pandemic guidelines, statistical projections, and lockdown strategies. Useless son of a bitch.

Live: Who doesn’t love Happy? It’s what we all aspire to be.
Die: I’m jealous that he’s always happy. This sparks malice in my heart and makes me want to stab all seven of the little bastards.

Live: He’s immature and doesn’t speak so I feel kind of motherly and protective toward him.
Die: He got his name because he’s always writing brainless manifestos, like his most recent one on how coronavirus is a hoax, testing should stop, social distancing does nothing, and wearing a mask squelches your freedom. He’s like COVID-19’s best friend.

Live: He’s not deliberately sneezing and spreading the virus.
Die: He’s sneezing and spreading the virus.

The audience is at first led to believe that Snow White will most likely choose Dopey or Sneezy to die, maybe even both, so she can use the extra ventilator as a nightstand. But in a series of plot twists, several visitors come her way and try to convince her otherwise. Look for this not-to-be-missed film in theaters and hospital ICU units near you.

Headline: Jim Fields; Article: Holly Love