Vineland, NJ —

Hello I am…actually what was my name? This damn amnesia that I got made me forget. No that’s not important, there’s big news. Something big happened…I swear it did, and I really was going to write an article about it. Something about a car accident? I think maybe natural disaster. Honestly I’m not sure if the location at the top of the article is correct. It’s possible I’m not a journalist? I swear I am though. I have degrees in it. I had such an incredible story to write about. It really was going to shake up not only the city but the entire nation, perhaps the world. If I could just grasp the who, what, when, what, and…why. I think that’s the saying. I’ll make sure to write about it, once the amnesia subsides. What’s amnesia again?

by Zach Englund